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Dis-play, showcase of advanced music and related arts from Canary Islands, will be present at Transmediale 11, the most important festival for digital media that will take place in different locations of Berlin from January 28th until February 6th.

This project, supported by the Government of Canary Islands through its program Canarias Crea and Instituto Cervantes, will offer different activities like exhibitions, concerts and interactions between Canary islands and Berlin artists.

Neurospasta. an audio-visual exhibition part of the Transmediale 2011 official program that will take place at Instituto Cervantes Berlín from january 28 untill february 6 including works by Cristina Ruano, Irene Leon, Amanda Lopez, Cynthia Rodriguez and Luis Ortiz

Neurospasta is the new work from LOD conceived as an album, exhibition, and multichannel live performance with the collaboration of video artists, plastic artists, choreographer, musitians and interior designers that contribute with their personal interpretation of Neurospasta, a term used by the Greeks in antiquity to refer to puppets.

The exhibition opening will take place on january 28 at 19:00 and it will include a multichannel live performance by LOD and Carmelo Fernández taking the audience to a new multi-sensorial experience. By covering the eyes of the listeners with masks and by moving different sound sources around the room each person will get a unique experience from the live interpretation of Neurospasta.

Right after the exhibition opening, Canarias Crea Dis-play will present 3 audio visual concerts by Juan Matos Capote, Bas y Robert Lippok + Enrique Cárdenes that will take place on the Instituto cervantes auditorium. These performances will be part of the Digital Arts and Sound (DAS) Weekend, a Transmediale 11 presentation event that will take place on different venues from Berlin.

Our first homemade soap

Different scents: Orange Blossom, Rosemary, mint, olive oil & clay.

//Maruchis are Self-sufficient//


Carmela´s Footprint

Old habits...
...always ecological

"Carmela has never went out of Granada,
but she thinks in everybody"....

sexual warfare,1975

Physical Details: photographic print: 1 item: b&w; 21 x 17 cm.

Creator: Alexis Hunter, photographer

Description: Photographs show the hands of feminist photographer, Alexis Hunter, demonstrating 18 methods of killing a male partner.
Identification on verso: "Sexual Warfare" 1975; Alexis Hunter series of 18 colour photographs.

Forms part of: Lucy R. Lippard papers 1940s-2006

Citation: Sexual Warfare, 1975 / Alexis Hunter, photographer. Lucy R. Lippard papers, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.

"Invite a friend for dinner"

January: "Invite a friend for dinner"

Sr Premiere make me lose all my work again :(

I did a sketch

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Irene León
Canary Islands - 2011


"Inviting friends to my lonely dinner"
Mari Ishiwata
Yokohama, Japan 2010


I have many nice friends!
I would like to invite them all to dinner!!
But this time I want to invite some of my best friends...

... Chocolate cookies...

... They are there for me, when I am happy, excited, sad, tired, angry...

I invite them for dinner: cauliflower and asparagus soup & mixed salad with cottage cheese and balsamico...

They are my very best friends...
They are the "Chocolate therapy"


By Francis
Oslo// 2011


(they are eating)

this video made by images of tv show "yemekteyiz"(it means -we are at the dinner- but aldo it means- we are eating- I change the title yemekteler as they are eating instead of they are at the dinner- word playing:)




At the performance festival Never or Now in Bergen I was suddenly, as Raccoon, face to face with a crocodile-dinosaur. He was green, knitted and big. I invited him for dinner, but he turned down the offer saying he was too busy at the moment. So instead I had a how-it-would-have-been dinner with him.

We would agree by SMS to meet at the blue rock, the place where everybody who has not met before meets. I would be there first and I would recognize him very early. He would walk towards me in a very nonchalant way, and I would be measuring internally how enthusiatically to introduce myself. Kindof decide on what should be my basic energy-level.

I would politely introduce myself and he would say 'hello ehm.. Susanne was it?'. And then I would answer 'yes, but please, call me Raccoon', because I would want the meeting to be between him and Raccoon and not me.

We would look at each other and then look around a bit as if trying to catch a glimpse of what should happen next until I would say 'Yes, so... Let's go to this café up here, it has great food'. And then we would walk side by side up the street.

We would make polite conversation about what we are doing in our every day life, and I would ask how it feels to be a crocodile-dionosaur. Then I would share my experience of being a Raccoon, and we would walk the last little bit in silence. Outside the restaurant I would say 'here it is, let's go in', and he would walk up to the door and hold it open for me to enter. There would be a lot of people inside, but one table by the wall would be free for us to sit down by.

By the table we would continue to talk about every day stuff like what we like to eat and what we like to do, and then we would find something we had in common. We would both smile and say 'hey, that's cool' and loose a bit what to say next and smile and eat some more. After a while I would tell him about the Maruchi-project and the blog and that this is the reason why I had the guts to invite him for dinner.

After telling him about the Maruchis I would ask him if I could take a picture of me and him in the restaurant and make sure it would be ok for him to be posted on the Maruchi blog. He would say yes, and afterwards I would go home to write about our meeting and post the picture of the two of us on the blog. Then I would send him a link so that he could look at it as well.

Raccoon and Mr. crocodile-dinosaur
Bergen 2011


New maruchi!!!

We would like to introduce you our new maruchi!

Welcome Susanne Irene // BeRgEn MaRuChI

This is a little story...

... about the BeRgEn MaRuChI.

... she lives on top of a hill. The newspaper declared it the steepest hill in the entire city, and she walks it every day. Sometimes really fast and sometimes almost as slow as a snail. In times like now, when it is winter, when rain is flowing from the sky on top of layers of snow, it makes some people walking the hill go Wheeee!

On top of the hill there is a long stone staircase. Then there is another stone staircase and after that three more wooden staircases that take her to her front door. It is blue and white, and when she comes this far she usually smells like wet sheep because all her clothes are made from wool.
nside of the blue and white door is a tight little hallway. It is lit by an emergency-exit-sign she made for a performance about grown up men and very, very young girls. It reminds her, in all parts of her life, that she always has a choice, and she can always just say 'no'.

er favorite shoes were a pair of brown Timberland mountain boots until they were completely worn out. But she still keeps them in her shelf, and often wear them when she takes Raccoon for walk because they fit perfectly.
Raccoon is her to-become-animal. He is a manifestation of a life-philosophy and he takes many different forms. Drawings, collages, writings or objects. But the most usual form is a full body suit with ears and a stripy tale which she takes out for a walk sometimes. Once Raccoon took a walk from her studio to the grocery store and collected smiles. He got 35,5 smiles and one wink in 30 minutes. (The half one was by a man who gave him a smiling kind of look, but did not smile with his mouth.)
One thing that the Bergen Maruchi loves most about her home is that it as no straight angles. Everything is made from wood, all walls are angled inwards and all windows are in the roof giving light from above (except when it is snow and all windows are covered with white). She loves her flat both summer and winter...

...but when the summer-sun shines in through her window and cast it's light through her spring-green curtain it DOES seem a bit more like something from a fairy-tale. In summer she can see sky and green trees through the window above her bed and sometimes imagine the green leaves as figures jumping and dancing and fighting in the wind.

In her living room, which is also her studio, you find her second companion. The dead horse. This was a journey she took when creating a performance called 'Riding a Dead Horse' with four actors. For the piece she wanted a horse's head that could be worn as a mask, so she made a plaster cast from the skinned head of a newly dead race-horse. She worked on it for hours while it got cold and ever so slowly stiffened into Rigor Mortis between her hands. The dead horse now optimistically smiles at her every day, looking quite proud with it's new princess-crown, reminding her that sometimes even dead horses can take you far if you just ride them hard enough.

Big hugs from Susanne.