Who are we?

We are 6 girls, 6 friends, 6 young artists that lives in 6 different locations around the world. Every month we come together in a symbolic way: a monthly theme on which we work, and is developed by each freely.

Susanne Irene Fjørtoft
Current location: Bergen, Norway

Irene León
Current location: Gran Canaria, Spain.

Francis Siegrist
Current location: Oslo, Norway.

Claudia Asensi
Current location: Bilbao, Spain.

Eda Gecikmez
Current location: Istanbul, Turkey.

Mari Ishiwata
Current location: Tokyo, Japan.



Seasonal Guest Maruchis:

2011 Autumn Maruchi:

Taiye Idahor
Current location: Lagos, Nigeria

2011 Summer Maruchi:

Current location: Madrid, Spain

May // Mayo: Break // Romper


...the video will be uploaded soon...




...he used to talk to me about his problems at home,
but he didn´t realize what he was doing with my eardrum...

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By Irene




"Rompiendo el leguaje cotidiano"

"Breaking the everyday language"

Mmm lvto

Vyya mr-mr y mpng ls lntillsss

Bb-ooo nvso dgua y-y desa-y-uno

Mmmmmmm visto y no visto

Ecndo l-the rdnadrrr-h-h-hgo tras

Voy - voy ac-mprr agua y papel

(water and paper)

Frie-frie(go) npc dlsss-a

Hbl – l –l with mprja-lll

Env crrrs - lctrnnnnncs

Pre – pre - paro mscssss

Cjabic, vyl fcltd - a - n ttría

Hablo (I talk)


ttrcrrgms – gms –gms - gms vrstxts

Vy yv vy yv vy

a cmr, m ncntrcn N

Viv viv vis a la ltmls dprfrmnc dlño

Re errr re errr grs csn bcg bcg bcg

Cmn ygr?

hbloon mprja

Empzo scrbrr – r - r...

By Francis




Romper / Break / 壊す





istanbul ~2010


"Norwegian women spend three times as many hours on housework than men do."